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Top Homeopathic Medicines For Smell & Taste Disorders Post Covid


Recently, we witnessed that a massive number of people who suffered from Covid experienced several smell and taste disorders. It can be really frustrating as it completely disables you and you literally forget how to enjoy tempting fragrances or delicious food.

Homeopathic medicines for smell and taste disorders require the complete analysis of a person by the doctor. Without analysing everything in detail, doctors can’t prescribe the medicines. So, make sure that you visit your homeopathic physician before taking these medicines. Contact doctors on Homeoved if you experience any major smell or taste loss symptoms.

Natrum Mur:

This medicine is prescribed if the patient suffers from Cold and Nasal Allergies. It is a widely preferred medicine used for curing reduced smell or loss of smell, usually caused by cold and nasal allergies. People who suffer from severe cold along with the secretion of white nasal discharge find it useful. It also works wonders in case of rough and frequent sneezing. It can also be taken in case of taste problems.

Pulsatilla For Recurring Cold:

Pulsatilla has multiple usages. It is used to manage the problem of loss of smell caused by recurring colds. Most of the time, the person would be coughing out yellowish, greenish nasal discharges. The discharge might have a bad odour. The nose tends to remain blocked in the evening and there can be some appetite issues.

Calcarea Carb:

This is a proven medicine for problems like loss of smell caused by nasal polyps. People who are prescribed this medicine have the tendency to suffer from colds.

These people also tend to suffer from nasal dryness and blocked nose with jelly like yellow mucus or from ulcers in the nostrils which can end up being extremely painful.

4. Teucrium:

This medicine is just like Calcarea Carb. It is prescribed for reduced smell or no smell for months. The common symptoms that exist along with the disappearance of smell are blockage of the nostrils and crawling sensation in the nostrils and secretion of greenish scabs from inside the nose. Covid patients were prescribed this medicine and they showed great results of improvement just within a few days.

5. Silicea:

This is specifically for chronic cold and sinusitis leading to unbearable pain in the head.

It is one of the most significant medicines for loss of smell and taste. People who require this must be suffering from sinusitis with inflammation in the nose.

Patients suffer from completely blocked nose, sore nostrils, secretion of greenish, yellowish pus, loss of taste and pain in the forehead.

Smell and taste problems are not just related to Covid. These disorders happened even before that and instead of taking heavy medicines that might end up causing side effects, you can go for a homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment that will slowly cure you without any side effects.

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