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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Constipation


Constipation can be disastrous as it takes a serious toll on the body. It has several causes and cannot be blamed on one thing. It might happen due to dehydration, lack of dietary fiber, physical inactivity or side effects of medicines. Some people have it from childhood, some might develop it at a later stage. There is just one permanent solution to all constipation problems and that is homeopathy.

We’ll be discussing some of the best Homeopathic solutions. In case, your doctor has prescribed you any of these medicines and you want to buy them, you can order from Homeoved.

Nux Vomica:

This is the most popular homeopathic medicine for constipation. In case you get the urges but no stool or you don’t get the amount of stool that you must get, Nux Vomica is just the right medicine that can help you out.

At times, you might have passed stool multiple times, but it’s always so scanty that you never feel like you are done. You might also get some stomach ache. It also treats piles and is just the perfect medicine for treating constipation caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Alumina (Oxide Of Aluminum):

Oxide of Alumina is widely used to treat hard and dry stool that causes itching and burning in the anus and a lot of effort is required to pass soft stool. It can also be used for constipation in infants and the elderly. It also provides relief from blood loss caused while passing stool.

Opium (Papaver Somniferum): 

This is a completely natural medicine for obstinate constipation. It is suggested by doctors when the stool appears black, is involuntary and causes a lot of pain in the rectum. The stools are hard. At times, the Faeces or digested food creates a lot of problems in coming out normally. This medicine works like magic.

It also cures the long hours of constipation in children and provides soothing relief from burning pain in the Anus.


Silicea is a common homeopathic medicine and has multiple uses, but is most useful for constipation. It is an elixir for situations in which the stool comes down with a lot of difficulties even when it hangs partially. The Faeces remain stuck in the rectum. You experience constipation problems before and after menstruation. There is burning and itching in the anus and rectum. Even soft stool comes out with immense difficulty.

Bryonia Alba (Wild Hop):

This is a herbaceous vine of the cucumber family. It works wonders in case of constipation with difficult hard, dry stools. The stool might be bloody and passed with a lot of difficulty in the morning. The medicine reduces an involuntary urge to pass stool while asleep.

 In case the Faeces are too large and cannot be evacuated, Bryonia Alba makes it smooth. It also smoothens the evacuation of undigested food which is mostly the cause of constipation.

Children are said to eat bananas for smooth passage of tools but other than homeopathy or Ayurvedic medicines along with an altered lifestyle, there is nothing that can say bye to constipation permanently. All the above-mentioned medicines are available on Homeoved. You can order the medicines based on your convenience.

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