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kapiva immune care juice 1l


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Keep your immune system healthy with this immunity juice that is loaded with 11 nourishing ayurvedic herbs. We obtain these herbs in the most nutritious form and from the purest places. The combination of these 11 herbs fights against free radicals, hinders the multiplication of harmful disease-causing germs, and stimulates the production of cells that protect your body.

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1st Brand Ever to Use 11 Science- led Ayurvedic Herbs for the Most Effective Immune Support

Indulge in the real essence of this immune booster juice that is made from ayurvedic immunity herbs like amla, giloy, ashwagandha, neem, tulsi, and more. We source all the herbs from locations where they’re available in the richest form. We pick the medicinal parts such as stems of giloy, neem leaves, and roots of ashwagandha. We follow the natural extraction process and steer clear of chemicals to give you the best of nature.

  • Strengthens daily immune functions.
  • Keeps you away from cold, flu, and allergies.
  • Holistic and complete care by 11 herbs.
  • High-quality herbs for maximum nutrition.

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kapiva immune care juice 1l